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University of West Florida Athletics Hall of Fame

2014-15 Hall of Fame Weekend Home Page

Hall of Fame Nomination Form
(2014-15 nominations due July 24, 2014)

Selection Criteria:

  • Student-athlete must have been finished with athletic eligibility for five (5) full academic years.
  • Student-athlete must have played a minimum of two (2) full seasons for a UWF varsity sport.
  • Student-athlete must have graduated with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from a four (4) year college/university prior to nomination.
  • Student-athlete must have received national, regional, and/or conference athletic and/or academic honors.
  • Special category selections will be considered with approval of the Hall of Fame Committee with a majority vote.
  • Nominations for non-student-athlete candidates may be accepted in coaches, administrators, booster, and alumni categories.
  • Once an individual is nominated, that nomination will be considered for up to three (3) years. If the individual is not selected after three years, he/she may be nominated again.

Inducted in 1970's
Jeff Gray, Men's Tennis
Doug Linville, Men's Basketball
Bob Stinnett, Men's Basketball

Class of 2000-01
Bronna Allison, Women's Tennis
Ralph "Skeeter" Carson, Tennis Coach
Wayne Giddings, Baseball
John Grant, Men's Golf
Misty Haynes, Softball
James Hazouri, Men's Basketball
Eric Hochman, Men's Tennis
Kristi Jernigan, Women's Basketball

Class of 2001-02
Bonita Rushing, Softball
Robert "Shorty" Sherman, Special Achievement

Class of 2002-03
1975-76 Men's Basketball Team

Jake Johnson, Coach
Tom Tobiasson, Special Achievement
Lisa Robinson, Softball

Class of 2003-04
1993 Softball Team

Joe Ambersley, Special Achievement
Melissa Cromer Blackmon, Softball
Butch Bundy, Men's Golf
Andrej Tonejc, Men's Tennis
Sorin Cherebetiu, Men's Tennis
Jose Fernandez, Men's Soccer

Class of 2004-05
1991 Tennis Team

Beth Valenzuela Bruno, Women's Cross Country
Peter Dyson, Men's Golf
Robyn Eddins Hoffman, Softball
Richard LaBounty, Baseball
Laura Cadena Waldon, Women's Tennis

Class of 2005-06
Mary Catherine Grafton Alexander, Women's Tennis
David Freiman, Men's Tennis
Tania Simpson Ives, Women's Cross Country
Norman Lebeau, Men's Tennis
David Seiler, Women's Cross Country Coach
Elizabeth Kintner Stewart, Women's Soccer
Joann Tobin, Softball
Tanisha Rickman, Women's Basketball

Class of 2006-07
Greg Blackmon, Baseball
Stephen Jackson, Baseball
Anthony Russell, Men's Baskeball
Boniface "Bazooka" Okafor, Men's Soccer
Jill Burnett, Softball
Brandon Cruickshank, Men's Tennis

Class of 2007-08
1997 Men's Tennis Team

David Brandt & Nick Lioce, Men's Tennis
Jerry Fogle, Men's Basketball
Frank Leo, Men's Golf
Stuart Towns, Cross Country Coach

Class of 2008-09
Hiram Cook, Men's Golf - Special Achievement
Heidi Dietiker, Women's Soccer
Lakeisha Little, Women's Basketball
Mike Morgan, Men's Basketball
Sandy Sansing, Men's Golf - Special Achievement
Jim Spooner, Baseball Coach

Class of 2009-10
Marvin Beck, Men's Basketball Coach
Richard Berg, Athletic Director
Brook Pace, Women's Soccer
Krissy Styrna-Warriner, Softball
Ben Williamson, Special Achievement

Class of 2010-11
Renee Broxson, Women's Tennis
Pat Cannon, Men's Soccer
Orjan Larsen, Men's Golf
Bryan Lee, Baseball
Dr. Milton Usry, Faculty Athletics Representative

Class of 2011-12
Todd Androsko, Baseball
Bryan Clarke, Men’s Golf
Stuart Manley, Men’s Golf
Veronica McGinniss, Women’s Soccer
Michael Padilla, Men’s Cross Country

Class of 2012-13
Peter Antoske, Baseball
Radovan Chrz, Men's Tennis
Michelle Gibson, Women's Basketball
Ewell Howard, Special Achievement
Sarah Nicholson, Women's Golf
Stephen Simmons, Men's Soccer
Kevin Warrick, Men's Golf

Class of 2013-14
Clara Fornella, Women's Golf
Kristy Krause-Lewis, Women's Volleyball
Jody Skelton, Men's Basketball
Erin Vierling, Women's Basketball
Charlie Warner, Baseball - Special Achievement

Class of 2014-15
Matthew Galloway, Men's Golf
Paulius Jurkenas, Men's Tennis
Felipe Lawall, Men's Soccer
Eduardo Oliveira, Men's Soccer
Nicole Plikat, Women's Tennis


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